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Competitive Handling Training

Handling is the trained ability of the dog to acknowledge a single blast from a handler's whistle, turn around, sit down and take a proper cast from the handler to the right, left or back in order to complete the retrieve. This usually takes at least six months to become truly proficient in these skills. Of course, more than just training, but actual day to day, on the job experience, is necessary to advance, successfully, through the competitive events.

All dogs in this program will be thoroughly drilled on marking skills as well as the mechanics of singles, doubles, triples, quads, modified's, diversions, poison birds, blinds, etc. Various types of cover will be used to challenge the dogs natural abilities, and acquired abilities. Water retrieves and land/water retrieves will be taught on areas that have been specially designed just for this purpose.


We can advance the dog as far as the owner would like for us to take them, keeping in mind that we feel an obligation and responsibility to advise the owner when we feel that we have reached the highest potential of that particular dog.

Started Dogs

We generally have several "Started Dogs" available during the year, males and females and different colors. These dogs usually come from our litters and have been chosen to see how they will take to training, looks, etc. Most of them are ready to go to the field and will make outstanding gun dogs and family companions. For those of you who do not want to go through the puppy stage, these dogs are perfect. Please call as to availability.

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