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Basic Obedience

Our Basic Obedience Course, generally for companion and family dogs, takes approximately four to six weeks for most large breed dogs. As with all of our programs, we recommend that the dogs be at least six months of age before being brought to us.

Your dog will be well socialized during his/her stay with us. He or she will be taught to sit, stay, heel nicely on a lead and come promptly when call. Whistle training is also available. They are also taught, most importantly, not to jump on people and the value of the word "NO".

Our owners are encouraged to come work with us and their dogs after a couple of weeks. You, the owner, will be well educated with drills that can and should be done as follow up work at home.

Private obedience sessions can also be arranged, for those who would like to do their own training with their dog while staying at home. This is always done on an individual basis with the dog and owner coming to work with the trainer for about a half an hour as often as required and then having the owner take the dog home for the actual training sessions.



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